June 20, 2015

Andy Smith, UK Ambassador

Andy grew up kickin it with his original Rob Roskopp's Santa Cruz skateboard back in the 80/90's. Mesmerised by the Hoover Board in Back to the future, spent most of his life waiting for that day to come. He discovered Evolve skateboards back in 2013 and the love affair begun with the legendary Pintail. In 2014 he upgraded and became the proud owner of the ultimate high performance carving machine that is the Carbon AT. Andy says his life literally has never been the same since. He now commutes over 20 miles a day into London, saving him from the rat race and public transport woes. Averaging 3 hard core skates a day, if the suns out its a good bet you will find him surfing those concrete waves. In between charges, Andy loves spending time with his beautiful daughter Shannon, who is also well on her way following in her Dads footsteps to becoming a Rad Evolver. Andy is a passionate, super cool and talented Evolve Skater. His motto is You Will Never Walk Alone and mission statement: #GetEnvolved

Instagram: andyzbox 
YouTube: andyzbox 
Blog: https://evolvesk8ter.wordpress.com
Twitter: knuckle_knuckle
FaceBook: EvolveSkateboardsUK