Joe Dubya (SoCal Legend)

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Name: Joe (Dubya) Lamb

Occupation: Self-employed

Home: San Diego, CA

I’m originally from Texas, but currently live in San Diego. I love the outdoors and anything that involves a board. I started cruising the streets in San Diego at the age of 11. Skating and breaking bones was the way I wanted to enjoy life and the way I currently enjoy life.

I have been a drummer for 24 years and have been in a number of bands. I toured a 4 state area back in the early 2000’s and currently play drums at my church.

My wife Brooke and I have been happily married for 10 years. We don’t have kids yet but do have 2 dogs who are like our children.

I have a passion for life and being able to enjoy my freedom. Evolve Skateboards is more than just a company or a brand. To me, its family and a way for me to express who I really am and what I enjoy.

How/when/where did you first learn about Evolve Skateboards:
I heard about Evolve through my best friend Justin Morgan. He got the carbon and I immediately fell in love with the versatility of it.

Boards owned:
Bamboo GEN 2/2 in 1
Bustin 2 in 1
Carbon 2 in 1
Carbon GT 2 in 1
Carbon Skull GT/AT
Bamboo GT Street

What do you love about them?
I love being able to get on any of my boards and enjoy the open road, whether it’s riding around my community, going on a group skate with great company, or riding alongside the ocean.

Favourite Place to Ride:
Mission Bay area or anywhere in Carlsbad or around southern California.

Favourite Quote:
“Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.” -Marcus Aurelius

Social Media links

Instagram: @socal_legend

YouTube: SoCal Legend

Facebook: SoCal_Legend


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