Olivier Lefrance, aka Rastarocket06

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Occupation: Educator

Home: Carcassonne (South of France)

BIO: I practice skateboard and a lot of board sports since the earlier 70´s : bodyboard, mountainboard, Windsurf... For many years, I competed in mountainboard world and european series (downhill championship). I owned my first motorized board in 1999 when I lived in the Carribean Islands and I feel like a precursor in that fantastic way of riding…

How/when/where did you first learn about Evolve Skateboards: When I buy my first Evolve 3 years before, I've been totally seduced by the smooth ride of that board and the autonomy of the battery... Surfing concrete and dirt is my passion for many years, ans I've found my ultimate weapon with the Carbon model...

Boards owned: Carbon AT/Street, Bamboo 1st generation

What do you love about them? I love creating skate videos and my Evolve give me infinity possibilities to introduce my camera in the action...

Favourite Place to Ride: all terrains and downhill

Favourite Quote: Jah is my co-pilot

Youtube: OlivierLefranc
Facebook: olivier.lefranc
Facebook: evolveriders
Facebook: Olivier-Lefranc-Video-Channel
Facebook: Rastarocket06
Google Plus: Posts
Google Site: mountainboard06
Facebook Group: lessessionsrastarocket06
Facebook Group: evolveridersfrance
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