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October 2017 (UK)

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“We left our real jobs to set up The Snowboard Shop because of our passion for riding, so I guess we feel that we can relate to the guys at Evolve, and that gets us stoked."

We are stoked to have The Snowboard Shop on-board in the UK as our first retailer, sharing our passion and love for the electric skateboarding!
Shop owner Darren spoke to us about why he chose to stock our products. 

"I love the fact that Evolve has been created by real surfers and snowboarders who have followed their dream to create a rad board that gets their customers stoked.
We've been riding snowboards for 20 years and selling them for over 10 and have always kept our eyes open for a board we can use here in the UK that feels similar to the sensation we get when we are in the mountains shredding our favourite snowboards.
We've tried lots of boards, some with motors and some without and the Evolve boards are by far the best we've tried.
Everyone seems hyped on the boards. We've taken a good about of customers out for a shred and everyone comes back smiling (when they come back, they're usually out way longer than we originally intend!).”



We've dropped the price on our Bamboo Series 'ONE' board!

With newly upgraded motors, this bamboo board has old school characteristics of both the Pintail and Snubnose designs with an added kicktail in the rear of the board with a medium flex allowing for a smooth ride. The Evolve ONE is our lightest board ever and is a great board for those wanting something that is portable yet packed with performance and a ride to match!

Now priced at £840 it's the perfect board for those who want to experience what Evolve has to offer!
Click here to learn more about the ONE board.    

The new Evolve/ABEC 11 F1 wheels have arrived!

Evolve has teamed up with Abec 11 to bring to the community a bad ass electric skateboard wheel called F1!  This wheel is BIG and JUICY as it's made from Abec 11’s famous super soft Reflex Formula 74a. It feels like butter underfoot when riding! These wheels will unlock faster top speeds due to the larger wheel diameter, this wheel simply loves to roll and roll! Click here: 

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We are stoked to be holding a few events in this month! The attendance of these events has been great, with massive group rides and a lot of fun to be had. If you are thinking about joining us, please come along for a ride and meet our crew! 

For more information, message us on Facebook or email us at ask@evolveskateboardsuk.co.uk.

Did you know?

Evolve has a dedicated video series with how-to tips, suggestions around using, caring for and fixing your Evolve board. These videos can be a massive help when looking to change setups or learn new riding skills. Click the video below to start watching!

Could you be our next featured rider?

We are always looking for riders keen to be involved in our newsletters! If you are interested and have a rad story to tell, please email us at info@evolveskateboards.com with your expression of interest.

Tag #evolveriders for your chance to be featured! 

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