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September 2017 (Global)

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What a month it has been! Our USA, UK, and Germany teams have been busy expanding into new warehouses. We can't wait to share these exciting new spaces with you!

In Australia, we attended the Technology and Gadget Expo in Melbourne. Our team spent the weekend interacting with customers and getting to know riders from all over the E-board community. 

Evolve CEO Jeff and service team members Matt and Nick spent a few weeks in the UK helping set up the new warehouse and conduct training. 

Stay tuned for exciting footage from our UK team, with an exclusive look into their new space. 

Meet Florence Pruvost, this month's featured rider.

This passionate Evolver is an operating room nurse and a mom to 9-year-old twins girls. Read on to learn more about this epic rider!












Florence Pruvost
Age: 38
Location: Perpignan (south of France/Spanish border) I live between the sea and the mountains
Occupation: Operating room nurse and a mother of 9-year-old twins
How did you find out about Evolve?
I had never skated before I discovered Evolve-  no surfing, and no skiing or snowboarding. I discovered Evolve with my boyfriend in June 2013 and I loved it immediately. The feeling is just “WHAOU!!!!!” I started to snowboard during the same year. Having a few months on Evolve boards really helped me learn. I find the same feeling/sensations in both snowboarding and skateboarding.
What is your favorite Evolve product?
Together with my boyfriend we have the Evolve Snubnose Gen1 and Evolve Pintail Gen1. These boards are easy to ride.
What do you use the board for?
The boards have great battery range for cruising and awesome trucks for carving. At the moment am I use my pintail to learn and master ‘dancing’. I would like a simple longboard to practice dancing and then reproduce it on my Evolve board. Riding my board is like music to my ears. I have a sensation of freedom, like I am the only one in the world. I feel very good after a ride! I can’t wait to share it with my children.
Where is your favorite place to ride?
I love riding near the sea, especially at the Lake of Annecy in the French Alps. It is a magical place that is about 40km around a lake. My dream is to ride in the best places around the world with my family and other evolvers… Hopefully I can attend Evolve World Cup 2018!













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Future Evolvers

In August we asked you to post your best images of your children posing with your Evolve gear.  We loved the response and really enjoyed seeing your mini future Evolvers!  Here are just a few future shredders:


Come visit us!

Evolve will be at the Florida Surf Expo from September 7-9

Surf Expo is the largest and longest-running board sports and beach/resort lifestyle tradeshow in the world. For more information regarding the expo, please visit www.surfexpo.com

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