With so many deck and wheels options, it can be tough picking the right Evolve board. We created this guide to help you decide!

Each board offers a slightly different ride, however all of our boards can climb insanely steep hills of up to 25% gradient with ease. All boards are customisable, have minimal noise, smooth acceleration, and a suggested max load of 100kg/220lbs.





Consider the distance you will need to ride on one charge.

  • Our biggest battery boards are the Carbon GT and Bamboo GTX The Bamboo GT and ONE boards have a smaller battery.
  • Street setups will have more range than our AT boards due to the greater resistance from the wheel


Where do you want to ride?

  • Will you be sticking to pathways and streets or going off road?
  • All of our GT and GTX series boards are compatible with both AT and street wheels, meaning more variety and versatility in your ride!
  • For those looking to use rough roads, poor quality paths or just head off road and ride through grass, sticks and dirt, the AT setup is a must.
  • Street wheels are suited to riding on roads or pathways with a smooth surface. Larger street wheels ie 97 – 107mm will roll over more obstacles compared to smaller wheels 80-83mm. Smooth surfaces allow for the best ride on street wheels. The larger the street wheel the higher the top speed you can reach, the smaller the wheel the more torque you’ll get. For an in-depth look into wheel options, watch this video.
  • ONE boards are not compatible with AT or Off Road wheels For riders looking for more variety, the 2in1 board option offers this in one box! All 2in1 boards come in AT setup with a GT Street Kit and wheels of choice.

Deck flex

How do you want the deck to respond when you’re riding?

  • A flexier deck will help to absorb vibrations from terrain however it’s not as stable when riding at higher speeds.
  • The Carbon GT deck has a stiffer feel under foot, mostly in street setup but not so much in AT setup, however it has a brilliant feeling at higher speeds making it a very stable and controlled ride.
  • The Bamboo GT boards have a slightly more flexible feeling deck under foot than the Carbon.
  • The GTX is our most flexi deck option


What do you envision your board looking like?

  • The bamboo decks feature a cruisy, beachy, quality vibe and are favoured more by purists.
  • The carbon deck is design focused, with a high tech look, and feel. This board has a distinctive F1 low profile look with concealed electrics for a stealthy vibe.